Sander Jansen is an artist from the Netherlands, born in 1981. He began his artistic journey creating digital surreal art and 3D-animation, but in 2008 he started to explore more traditional forms of art using pencil, ink and paint.

In 2018, Sander shifted his focus back to digital art and animation, using vivid colors to create psychedelic and surreal pieces. His unique artistic style draws inspiration from his inner world, and he often begins each artwork by drawing automatically, letting his creativity flow.

Depending on the artist’s and viewer’s state of mind, the outcome is often quite interesting. For every emotion, there is a different expression or pose.

Previous Exhibitions and projects


Label artwork “Borderline Supernova” for White Dog Brewery
Label artwork “Core Memory” for Mountain Culture Beer Co. Available here
Art on display at NFC Lisbon

Group exhibition Hoorn “Kunst voor de stad”.

Artwork for Psychonautz NFT project of GBLSTS from Mexico. 10000 NFT’s sold out.
Artwork for “Grim’s Return” NFT project.
Artwork for “Into our Eternity” sold as enamel pins by Machine Cloud Creative from the US.

Artwork for the Bitbots NFT project
Multiple pin releases with US companies “Mad Love Collective” “Art shipper” “Lunar Wolf”.

First Pin release “Expanding Visions” in collaboration with Symbiotic Expressions
Print releases in collaboration with Slime Effects LCC (sold out)
Lenticular print drop with Mystic Unity Creations

Duo Exhibition in Amsterdam at “Thuis aan de Amstel” with artist Marijke Aarntzen

Exhibition in Coffeeshop “De Supermarkt” Amsterdam
Exhibition in Coffeeshop “The Loft” Amsterdam

Exhibition in Istanbul at Karga Gallery with Ahmet Atil Akar
Album art “Supremely Weird” by Alice-D Records.

Exhibition at Strudelfest

Exhibition at Strudelfest
Feature in “The Horror Zine Magazine” 
Album cover Alice D Records v.a. Encrypt

Observing the Unreal in Chichester UK 
( solo show of Matthew Sergison-main – our collaboration was included)

Solo show Joe Macgown in Mississippi USA
(Our collaboration “Nemo’s Surprise” was included.)

Art congress at Cobra Museum for Modern Art
(group exhibition)

Exquisite Corpse Exhibition in Kulter Amsterdam
Cadavre Exquis Expanded – group exhibition)

*This is only a part of the exhibitions an projects that have been done.

For artwork, collaboration or questions, you can contact him by using this contactform